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Specializing in award winning artisan cheese and traditional favorites for all food service providers. We exclusively service chef professionals, restaurants, gourmet and specialty retail shops and other business wholesale accounts with the finest quality cheese available anywhere.

Cheddar Gem CheeseWe are the premier web location for all your "American Originals" ™ Artisan blends of sheep, goat and cow milk - handcrafted using old world affinage and new world ingenuity! As well as timeless traditional favorites such as Cheddar, Gouda and Fontina.

Our vast selection of American Originals ™ allows you to buy here what you can't find with your favorite distributor and with simplified ordering and no minimums.... we are the ultimate answer to what you need in your fast paced business!

Whether you need a piece, a 1/4 wheel or 50 wheels of cheese, we make it our highest priority that you receive our outstanding artisan cheeses fresh from the source in superior condition with no hassles.

BaWe welcome you to explore our incredibly cheesy site – Featuring tantalizing images of heavenly cheese floating effortlessly like clouds in the sky– Information for the cheese aficionado such as detailed cheese descriptions including body, texture, and affinage – Delicious recipes designed to glorify the cheeses, beverage pairings, nutritional fact and labeling information, the caring and storage of your cheese, and a chef's corner blog or message board for some humor (It's Gouda for you!) and exchange or just to explore your inner cheesiness!